I’ve been told so many times that I just gotta let it show and let him know. I’m always not sure. Always been haunted by the failure. They said to me, “Fuck it. What if today’s your last chance?”
You could always catch me with my eyes wide awake at midnights with the earphones stuck in my ears. You could tell the sadness flooding the moment through my eyes. Without tears falling out, you could conclude I’m mourning something.
Everytime I look at myself in the mirror, all I see is this weak loserish girl with a heart that’s brave enough to love but a mouth that’s always shut. I know I complicate things. I want him to know but I keep hiding it. I want him to feel but I keep pretending. I’ve come to learn that pretending you don’t lovr someone is one of the hardest things to do if you ever do.
I look at myself again and begin thinking that I’m just such a loser. A loser in love.